Frameless Separation Panels

Working in offices can be a challenge when it comes to personal space and privacy. We therefore strongly recommend to our customers that when co-workers are sitting face to face a separation panel is used for a number of reasons.


No-one wants to be looking at their colleague all day long especially if they are having a bad day in the office and similarly no-one really wants to be looked at either. Our screens are all over 30cm high so unless you are peeking over you won't see your colleague. 

Noise reduction

Modern offices have a high number of hard surfaces and are often quite noisy. The fabric in our panels absorbs noise. Specifically the panels are extremely good at reducing telephone noise so you can make that important call and still hear the person on the other line. 


We sell a range of accessories which you can attach to the screen from cuppies to clocks. These will help leave your desk clutter free so you can get on with your work. Need to leave a note for a colleague. Your screen can have post-its placed on it and is even pinnable. 

Need help?

Not sure if separation panels are needed or how to use them. Worried about installation. It is really easy but if you need help to assemble (or just don't have the time or inclination) you can book a flat-pack assembler or have one of our contract fitting partners do the job for you. Otherwise just get in contact at

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