Commercial Offices

As well as offering home and small office quantities through the web we are also capable of supplying the same products (and indeed some extra extra ones) direct and in volume to corporate clients. Typically these are companies purchasing for 20+ employees who will need a more managed service and where simple web purchase and shipping methods are not suitable. So what can we offer:

Customer Support

We see a lot of office design where the funds have been spent on areas which will not benefit the employees and which are little used. We try to offer advice and knowledge to our clients to optimize space and spend within the office environment. There are many ways to have your office make a statement to your clients at low cost and still be highly oriented towards the needs of the actual workers. We analyse considerable amounts of research to define modern office worker psychology in an attempt to increase worker engagement and productivity. Finally we are massive believers in office well being yet we also know it has to be within budgets so we aim to achieve 80% of well being with 20% of the budget.


We use a number of layout and rending software tools to supply you with a full office layout and walk-through. We can analyse workflow, office density, common areas, how employees need to interact and devise a suitable physical plan. As important will be competition for resources such as light, noise levels, privacy and airflow. We have expertise in combining these with our furniture to make your office work as a whole.


Corporate projects have a longer timescale than small business ones which complements our delivery times as our furniture is manufactured globally normally on a 12 week lead-time. As such we will work with your architects, project managers and building contractors to ensure that the furniture will arrive on time and that our installers are on site on the date required and off site on time. We run Gant chart based project management software to ensure all this happens as it should. We are also aware of electrical requirements and regulations, what data points are required, flooring technology IT infrastructure and health and safety regulations so we like to add those in at the planning stage.


The day comes, the hour comes and it's time for install. We will be there with our installers, plans in hand spare units in the van and we will ensure your furniture will be where it needs to be and the way it was specified on time. We'll also take care of cabling each workstation if needs be and mounting PC's and monitor arms. Basically we can do as much as you need to get the job done.

Typically used Commercial Products from our range

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