Gostand desktop assembly options for height adjustable desks

September 01, 2022

Gostand desktop assembly options for height adjustable desks

When you purchase a Gostand desk you will receive everything required to build the desk frame. You will also receive self-tapping wood screws which can be used to secure your chosen desktop to your desk frame using a screwdriver or drill. Not everyone is comfortable with DIY so as well as selling blank desktops, we also offer 2 different assembly options for desktops: Pre-drilling and Metal Inserts. Neither option is essential but choosing one of them can make it much easier to complete the assembly of your desk.

  1. Pre-drilling – Small pilot holes are drilled into the desktop which will align with your desk frame and any accessories you have purchased. You will still need your screwdriver or drill to screw the self-tapping screws into position if you go for this option.
  1. Metal Inserts – As shown in the photograph, metal threaded components which will align with your chosen desk frame are inserted into the desktop in our factory. These come fitted with the correct engineered screws which will allow you to secure the desktop to the frame using the hex keys provided. No extra tools are required. This is the easiest way to attach your desktop, it provides the cleanest finish, and allows you to easily remove the desktop if ever required and fix it back in place without having to drill new holes to do so.


Why are pre-drilling and metal inserts not fitted as standard?

We currently sell 10 different types of standing desk; each one has a different drilling pattern. We have a wide range of desk accessories which can be positioned in a multitude of different positions on the desktop. This means drilling patterns cannot be carried out in advance of desk sales but are in fact a bespoke service whereby we must match the drilling pattern to the exact specifications of each customer’s individual order. When an order comes through to us, our CNC operator must plan out the optimal drilling position for the specific desk configuration. Once all the correct holes have been drilled by the CNC machine, we fit the correct size metal inserts into place by hand and put the correct size screws into position. This process is much more time consuming and complicated than dispatching a blank desktop, but we have tried our best to keep the cost of this extra service to an absolute minimum.