Office chairs

Office chairs with sit stand desks I hear you say. OK but you do have to sit down some times. Standing all day can have some undesirable musculoskeletal effects and can also have an effect on your vascular system so best to campaign your standing with some sitting. We of course would recommend a stool before a chair but if you want that extra comfort, and why not you're paying, then the best we can do is offer a good range of high quality, ergonomically designed office chairs.


Yup. Not all chairs are designed equal. Most simply fulfill a few basic requirements such as a padded seat and back set at a roughly correct angle and not much else. They look like a chair but that is really about it. What you want is something that has plenty of adjustment and will allow your skeleton movement with support. 


Massively important. A mesh back should provide quite a bit of resistance to your back so that it it is supported but also so that it can flex and move very slightly, 1-2mm, thus allowing the joints mobility during sitting. Furthermore mesh will adapt to your body unlike rigid seating which forces your body to adapt to the seat. The net result should be greater comfort and more active joints. 


OK. So you can have far too much but also too little. Height is a must. After that depends on use. For an operator chair used all day we would suggest good armrest adjustment and for larger humans a seat that can move forward and back to set the distance of the knees from the back-rest. Tilt is not really necessary as you should be sitting with your back at 90 degrees to your thighs although for those boardroom meetings sometimes we all need to be able to lean back and consider life in full. 


What to look out for. A cast or single piece base. Not painted. Quality mesh which has a high tension. Preset curvature in the mesh to promote correct curvature of the spine. Quality materials used throughout. All chairs have injection molded plastic parts. These should be high quality and have a good feel. Overstated design is a no. A chair can only do so much and should only cost so much. 

There you have it. Our chairs. We offer a range of chairs at different price points. Quality and function rise with the price through the range. If you are going to stand for 80% of your time then a chair does not need to be all singing and dancing. If you are above 6 feet tall we would recommend a more expensive chair as you will need the added size. If in doubt and you have some questions just give us a call or just get in contact at

Summer Shutdown 2024

Gostand will be closed for our summer holidays from 3rd July to 15th July inclusive. During this time there will be no shipping of goods. Shipping has now stopped until 16th July when we will ship out orders received during shutdown. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.