OK so you now own a sit stand desk. Probably you are not going to stand up at all times and we would not advise in doing so. Long term standing can have musculoskeletal effects and can also have an effect on your vascular system so best to campaign your standing with some sitting. The next option is what to sit on. Well you have bought a sit stand desk for your posture and to maintain a higher metabolic rate so sitting on a chair might well undo that good work. Plus with a chair you will not be exercising your abdominal muscles or indeed practically any muscles at all. Enter the humble stool. However our active stools are unlike any others. Read on

These stools are not fixed like say a low stool you would find in a bar but move about a pivot on the base so the body is never static. Because of this the body has to re-center itself constantly to  keep it's center of gravity above the stool base. This is a very subtle movement of 5-10mm and is imperceptible to the body and head however it constantly works the abdominal and back muscles keeping them strong. 

Joint mobility

So now you are moving very slightly but constantly. What other great effect does this have. Joint mobility. The hip and back joints do not sit statically but are in constant motion fully over 360 degrees of range. This movement of the joints prevents any nerve impingement and keeps the SI joint active instead of passive during sitting. The movement will continue right up the spine as the head moves slightly while the stool is in use. 

Pelvis (not Elvis)

Pelvic position is really important in assuming the correct seated posture. A flat pelvis such as you have while sitting on a chair tucks the SI joint below the pelvis and causes the back curves to flatten. Not good. The active stools position the pelvis tilted downwards and forwards which means the curves of the spine are maintained and the back muscles engaged.Net result is no slump of the spine or head forward as you would get on a normal stool. 

How does it feel 

These stools are cleverly designed to engage the body but not over engage it. They are more challenging than a chair for sure but have to be to engage the back and abdominal muscles. They are not meant for long term use over many hours but in shorter bursts to compliment standing.  

There is so much we could say about these stools. Due to the gas spring they are fully height adjustable and so you can perch on them to work at a standing height. They are covered in flameproof, anti-bacterial, stain resistant fabric. We have specially designed the molded padded seat to offer not only comfort and support but also resistance for the active element. In fact if you have more questions just give us a call or just get in contact at

Summer Shutdown 2024

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