The humble pedestal is your friend in the office. Somewhere to store your stuff. The pens, pencils, shoes, bike helmets, packed lunch, pay slips, scotch.......if you are going to keep an office tidy then the workers need them. We always recommend them as a cheap source of personal storage apart from in the hot-desk environment where we would advise lockers. 

Metal or MFC

Metal every time unless of course you are already committed to wooden furniture or have gone for wood effect MFC desktops. Metal pedestals are virtually indestructible. You'll leave the company before they do. 


They don't need to be big. Just enough to hold files (or big stuff) in the bottom drawer and the rest (wee stuff) in the top drawer. Our's are sized so that at the lowest point a sit stand desk will not collide with the pedestal.  

Mobile unit

Always have them mobile. Makes sense. If you re-design the office just move them around and hey presto you're done. Sometimes you need to get to cables, find lost documents, whatever, and in such a case just roll it out and have a look. 


A cushion on top of a pedestal turns the humble pedestal into a sound absorbing, color bringing, mobile seating delight. Colleagues can just roll it on out and have a natter. Perfect. 

If you have any questions about how this humble office workhorse can be applied to your interior just give us a call or drop us a mail at