Manual Standing Desk in high demand

October 19, 2022

Manual Standing Desk in high demand

Over the past 4 weeks we have seen an unexpected rise in sales of the Manual Standing desk. Typically, we have seen a stronger preference for our motorised desks, we are not sure what has prompted this uptrend in the Manual S2, but thankfully we have plenty of stock in the warehouse to cope with the increased demand.

The key feature of this desk is that it is operated manually and not electronically. It is incredibly easy to adjust the height setting by turning the handle which folds neatly away under the desktop when not in use. Moving a manual desk from minimum to maximum height takes approx. 50 seconds, but this can be slower or faster depending on how quickly you turn the handle.

For more information on Manual vs Electric desks click here for FAQ’s and check out the Desk Feature Comparison tab.

Summer Shutdown 2024

Gostand will be closed for our summer holidays from 3rd July to 15th July inclusive. During this time there will be no shipping of goods. Shipping has now stopped until 16th July when we will ship out orders received during shutdown. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.