Tips to get the most out of your standing desk

Tips to get the most out of your standing desk

October 07, 2022

Tips to get the most out of your standing desk

If you have invested in a standing desk, congratulations, you have made a positive step towards improving your physical wellbeing. But is your desk set up providing the best ergonomic work environment for you? Follow our standing desk user tips to assess and improve your ergonomic setup.

  • Adjust your desk height to match your body height. Whether standing or sitting at your desk the desktop should be set to your elbow height, with your forearms parallel to the floor when you are typing on your keyboard.
  • Alternate between sitting and standing throughout your working day. We all know that we shouldn’t sit at our desk for the full working day, but standing all day is not recommended either, especially if your body is not used to it. The key is to keep moving.
  • If you are planning to spend extended periods standing at your desk, consider using an antifatigue mat. It will allow you to evenly distribute the pressure caused by standing up across both legs easing the pressure on your feet, knees and back.
  • Your computer screen should be at eye level and approximately arm’s length away from you to protect your eyes from strain and fatigue. You can easily achieve the perfect screen position whilst standing or sitting at your desk by fitting your monitor onto an adjustable gas sprung monitor arm.
  • Good lighting can increase your productivity and have a positive impact on your health. If your workspace doesn’t have access to natural light use a desk top lamp which offers adjustable lighting to illuminate your workspace.

Hopefully by following our advice you will feel a positive improvement in both your physical and mental wellbeing throughout your working day.

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