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The Material

How can you alter the boards?

As the board is a solid board we can do two things. Firstly we can round the edges to give a softer feel to the top. Secondly we can make a cut-out to the rear of the desk so that a monitor arm can be mounted to the desk and the desk still positioned in close proximity to a wall.

More about this can be found on our Bamboo Material page

Bamboo is a multi-layer ply made from bamboo grown in the temperate bamboo forests of Eastern China. More information about the manufacture and background of our ply cored boards can be found by following the link to our Bamboo Material page. The board is composed of strips of bamboo glued together to form a flat surface and the layers are criss-crossed to reach the desired thickness. Finally the top is sanded and lacquered so the surface is flat and smooth. We classify the texture of this board as Light meaning you would be be able to easily write on it so it is more than fit for purpose as a desk material.

Although it is lacquered the board needs to be treated with some care. The edges and top can be dented or damaged by mis-handling which can leave permanent marking. Bamboo is a natural substance and so the colour and texture will vary from board to board.

As a natural product it is still possible the board will move and distort sightly after purchase although the interwoven ply structure will inhibit this to a large extent.

Care and attention

Bamboo desk-tops are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with normal, everyday detergent sprays you would use in your kitchen. Other than that there is nothing to do. In terms of durability they will not wear through. The only danger is dropping something on the desk-top. The bamboo is hard and but the desk-top can still be dented or gouged. Specific care should be taken not to damage the edges of the desk which will be slightly weaker than the top.

The edges being a live material will allow the ingress of water, dirt or moisture so efforts should be made to keep the top as dry as possible.

Again more can be found on our Bamboo Material page.

Is it good for the environment?

Oh yes. Bamboo is incredibly environmentally friendly. It grows really quickly - 1m/day in some cases - and as it is a grass the forests are not easily depleted. If anything the species is considered invasive and cutting it controls the Bamboo forest area. The only downside is the number of sea miles it takes to have it arrive in Europe but this is unavoidable.

Being well made the top if looked after should last for a lifetime. This is important given the resources that have gone into making it. At end of life it can be chipped and live again as chipboard or particle board.

Summer Shutdown 2024

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