Desk-Top Materials

What we use to make your desk-tops and what it means for you

Our Desk-top colours (Decors)

All Decors

We make a range of tops in flat colours and woodgrains. To see them all click on the above link.

MFC Colours

MFC is our cheapest and yet most versatile material. To see all the available colours both flat and woodgrain click on the above link.

Ply Colours

Our ply board range is limited to two solid colours, to see them please click on the link above.

Solid colours

Our range of engineered solid tops is limited by availability but to see them click on the link above.

Desk-top Materials and Care

Melamine faced chipboard

Melamine faced chipboard is the most common desk-top material used globally. We have seven super decors from some of the worlds top producers that we manufacture in our own factory.


Veneered solid board. We use a 3 ply solid board covered with a high quality veneer from Germany to manufacture our verneered offering. For us MDF is just not the answer and this also gives you the choice of a finished or unfinished edge.


Our ply boards are made by laminating high quality poplar ply with 1mm thick laminate giving a 22mm total depth. The exposed ply edge offers a contemporary design look.


Our bamboo comes all the way from the sub-tropical forests of China. As a grass and not a wood it is super environmentally friendly and the finish is hard but warm.