Veneered Oak

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The Material

Our veneered oak offering is substantially better than most other companies. Rather than applying oak veneer to MDF we apply it to three layer spruce blockboards. More information about the manufacture and background of our veneered blockboard boards can be found by following the link to our Veneered Blockboard Material page. The board is composed of strips of wood glued together to form a flat surface and then three layers are criss-crossed to reach the desired thickness. Finally the top is sanded so the surface is flat and smooth. We classify the texture of this board as Light meaning you would be be able to easily write on it so it is more than fit for purpose as a desk material.

This version of the board comes unfinished to maintain the light colour and Scandanavian feel of the wood. The edges and top can be dented or damaged by mis-handling which can leave permanent marking. Veneered Oak is a natural substance and so the colour and texture will vary from board to board.

As a natural product it is still possible the board will move and distort sightly after purchase although the interwoven ply structure will inhibit this to a large extent.

How can you alter the boards?

As the board is a solid board we can do two things. Firstly we can round the edges to give a softer feel to the top. Secondly we can make a cut-out to the rear of the desk so that a monitor arm can be mounted to the desk and the desk still positioned in close proximity to a wall. Both these options are available when you configure your desk.

More about this can be found on our Veneered Blockboard Material page.

Care and attention

As this top is unprotected you need to be a little careful. Keep it clean and dry. If you need to wipe it use a damp cloth with a mild degergent. You can sand the desk but you only have 0.3mm of veneer on it so be careful if doing so. The best option is to keep it in a clean, dry environment and limit contact with fluids which can soak into the top and cause staining.

Again more can be found on our Veneered Blockboard Material page.

Is it good for the environment?

The answer for this desk-top structure and technology is simple. Being entirely composed of wood from sustainable sources it is highly environmentally friendly.

Being well made the top if looked after should last for a lifetime. This is important given the resources that have gone into making it. At end of life it can be chipped and live again as chipboard or particle board.

Taken as a whole 3-ply blockboard is a very green material when the core wood comes from sustainable sources. It is more ecologically friendly than unmanaged or slow grown solid wood and substantially moreso than MDF which uses urea-formaldehyde during processing and which can out-gas in situ after manufacture.  

Both our suppliers are members of the Forest Stewardship Council and manage their wood supplies accordingly. Both have ownership of their own forests.

Both our suppliers are ISO14001 certified and have complex arrangements for wood sourcing and recycling. Both are acutely environmentally aware and thankfully have the financial resources to put in place world class systems to minimise environmental impact.