Gostand cable tray

Note this product is not for sale unless purchased as part of a desk assembly. If you are an existing customer wishing to change your setup or add this item retrospectively please contact us at support@gostand.co.uk. Thanks for your understanding.

This in house designed cable tray for standing desks gives the greatest flexibility of all the cable tray systems we have. The tray consists of the body which is affixed to the desk. After that the cables can be placed in situ and a cover plate is added front and back to hide all the cabling. Both cover plates can be removed later to install further items without requiring the tray to be removed from the underside of the standing desk. The tray is designed to connect to other products in the range. 

SSA1003 cable riser can be bolted to it allowing seamless passage for the cables to the ground.

SSA1015 cable spiral can again be bolted to it for the same purpose.

SSA1018 and SSA1022 plug blocks can be mounted in the tray to allow for as much on desk power as is necessary

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