Series 1 desk-top MFC


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 Our high quality MFC desktops are made from German melamine applied to chipboard and then edged with PVC strip. They are so tough as to be virtually indestructible. We make them to 18mm thickness for three reasons. Firstly environmental. We are using fewer materials so less of an ecological footprint. Secondly they are lighter so they use less fuel to transport and are easier for our delivery partners to handle. Finally for you the customer they are easier to un-package and install. 


Width range 120 - 180cm (1.2 - 1.8m)
Depth 80cm (0.8m)
Thickness 1.8cm (18mm)
Materials Melamine, chipboard, pvc
Fixing screws Use self tapping 10 gauge x 5/8 inch (15mm)
Weight  14 - 21.5Kg