Twin wheel castor 60mm rubber wheel for S2 desks


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Note these castors are for use with S2 and S4 Desks only!

Twin Wheel Castor with soft tread wheel & brake for use on laminate flooring and carpets. Ideal when a larger wheel is required or simply for the aesthetic look. (Pack of 4)

Wheel Diameter: 60mm
Fitted Height Plate :70mm
Fitted Height Stem: 70mm 
Load Rating: 50Kg
Warranty: 1 Year

Sometimes you would like your desk to be mobile. Maybe you need to switch locations in your office or wheel it about a workshop floor. Our range of castors allows you to do this. However there are a few things to remember:

  • The castors add height to the minimum and maximum height of the desk
  • If you are buying an electric desk it needs to be plugged in to move up and down
  • If you unplug an electric desk it will stay at the height it was set at so you can unplug them, move them and use them

NOTE we do not recommend using castors for our standing desks. They can cause excessive castor rock and can damage the threads in the feet if overloaded, badly assembled or excessively overused. Gostand cannot accept liability for any issues arising from the use of castors.