This reliable and high-quality manual standing desk is crafted from premium materials and equipped with a smooth hand crank for easy height adjustments. Incorporating ergonomic design principles, this desk allows users to easily transition between sitting and standing, providing potential benefits such as improved posture, increased energy levels, and reduced health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

  • Two moving legs with integral gearboxes
  • Hand crank for moving the desk up and down
  • Adjustable feet 
  • MFC desk-top
  • Screws and fixings

The desk has a height range of 700-1150mm. It can be loaded up to 100Kg. The desk has only two section legs so the maximum user height is 6'2" (190cm) and the min. user height is approx 5'3" (161cm).

Note: The handle protrudes 4cm beyond the desk-top width during winding so please take account of this when measuring your available space. For example a 140cm width desk needs 148cm of available space. Similarly a 160cm width desk needs 168cm of space. 

Our desktops come in up to twelve (we are currently expanding our range) standard colours, four standard widths (120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 180cm) and a standard depth of 80cm. All of these are held in stock constantly. 

Note: The standard desktops we sell are blank with no pilot holes drilled into them. We offer an optional service where we can pre-drill your desktop to match up exactly with the desk frame and accessories you have selected. 

To watch a video on pre-drilling click HERE

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Data Sheet Installation Manual
Gostand Product Warranty
Max Height  115cm (1.15m)
Max width 180cm (1.8m)
Max load 100Kg (including desk-top)
Materials Mild steel and MFC
Desk-top sizes 120/140/160/180cm wide by 80cm deep
Desk-top thickness 18mm 
Weight Frame 28Kg   Top 14-22Kg
Colour White(RAL9016) Black(RAL9005) Grey(RAL9006)
Fixing screws Self tapping 10 gauge x 5/8 inch (15mm)
Assembly required Yes

The Manual Standing Desk

Our Series 2 manual desk is the workhorse of the office which we sell to our corporate clients but which is available to consumers as well. It has: fold-away handle, 2 section legs, has no power requirement so can be used anywhere, is often used for applications such as warehouse worksurfaces, hot desking, exhibitions etc.The desk has only two section legs so the maximum user height is 6'2" (190cm) and the min. user height is approx 5'3" (161cm).

Use our product builder below to configure your desk! A video guide on how to use it is located here Video Guide

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