Dual Monitor Arms

Our dual monitor arms will all take any monitor with VESA holes in the back of it either 75mm or 100mm apart arranged as four in a square pattern. 

There are two main technologies within the range:

  1. Fixed articulating monitor arms. These cannot easily be height adjusted when in use but depending on the set-up the monitor can be swung towards or away from the user. The monitor can also be mounted portrait and landscape. 
  2. Gas-sprung monitor arms. This type of monitor arm has a gas spring which is adjusted so that the monitor is almost weightless meaning that it can be easily height adjusted with a gentle movement. Further to this it can also be swung towards and away from the user making it very adaptable and very easy to optimise the monitor position. For hot desks this is almost an essential piece of equipment. 

Our monitor arms are also sub-divided by weight capacity:

  • 6.5Kg for lighter monitors
  • 8kg for heavyweight monitors 
  • 15Kg for monitors plus a thin client mounted behind or all in one computers. In this case the use SSA1011 and combine it with the monitor arm to give a very neat solution to installing thin clients in your office or home.

  • Finally keep an eye out for our USB equipped monitor arms. These have twin USB sockets with a USB fly lead which can then be plugged into your CPU or thin client providing easy access and charging at desk-top level. 


    Wondering why we have so little desk stock on our site?

    Due to a cardboard shortage resulting from Covid and Brexit we have a shortage of desk-top boxes. Our supplier is due to deliver to us on Monday 18/01/21 at which time we will re-stock our desks. Sorry for the inconvenience.